Cyber Security

Keep Your Data Safe Through Our Managed Network Security Services

Network Security

Keep Your Data Safe Through Our Managed Network Security Services

Online threats to your business are growing more sophisticated and becoming more difficult to track. A breach of your company’s network or a loss of customer data can be difficult for any business to overcome. Stop these events before they happen. At MitechOne, we work to keep your data safe through our managed network security services. Our IT security experts keep your network secure and help your business to overcome its security challenges. We’ve designed our managed network security solutions to be flexible to meet the varied needs of our clients. Whatever the demands of your business may be, we can craft a security solution that meets your needs.

Managed Network Security Infrastructure Evaluation

Every company has different needs when it comes to network security. Even businesses within the same industry have unique security needs. The first thing our engineers do is test your network and conduct a full evaluation of your IT infrastructure to determine where your network’s vulnerabilities and weak points are. After figuring out your network’s vulnerabilities, we’ll inform you of our findings and work towards shoring up your network’s weak points. A good evaluation of your IT infrastructure is a proactive measure that will help keep your business protected in the long run. Too many companies start their network security programs without actually knowing what their vulnerabilities are. By figuring out what your network weak points are early on, you can proactively and effectively improve your network security in a way that reduces the threats that can impact your company systems.


Firewall Services

Firewalls are one of the more basic network security tools, but they are also very effective. Firewalls are designed to protect networks and their devices from unauthorized access. Too often, after a major hack or data breach, we find out that the culprit was an improperly configured firewall or lack of one altogether. Having an actively managed firewall is critical to keeping your data safe and protected from online threats. Due to online threats constantly evolving, firewalls must be upgraded, patched, and kept current with the latest changes in online security. Our firewall services include continuous monitoring, deployment, provisioning, upgrades, and patches, as well as reports that keep you informed on what’s happening with your managed network security.

Email Security

Keep your email secure from attacks such as malware and email phishing on any device connected to your network. Our email security services keep spam and other potential threats from ever reaching your inbox

Control Network Access

As mobile devices grow in popularity, more businesses are using them for work purposes. But more devices connected to your network can increase your company’s risk. With our managed network security services, you can control which devices have access to your company’s network so you can keep your data protected.

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